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    I have had dirty marks on my camera mirror for a while now and decided to take it to The Nikon service center to get it cleaned. I went to the center in Shinjuku which is near the station and also near Bic Camera. Can you spot the [...]
  • I had lunch yesterday with the team from They had some exciting news, having just been accepted into the Open Network Lab Seed Accelerator program run by Digital Garage. Robin, from Social500, a marketing business helping [...]
  • A few people have asked me to talk about some of the code I have been programming on websites including the site. I wasn’t sure where to start, so I thought whilst looking at a few photos of Tokyo I would explain a [...]
  • The Suica Penguin character has a new store opened at Tokyo Station, inside the ticket gates at Yaesu Minami exit. It is called Penguin Stadium or Pensta. Suica has also joined forces with the electronic payment cards popular in Nagoya [...]
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    The notebook PC maker, Kohjinsha (工人舎), has brought out a surprising new feature on its latest compact notebook. It has 2 screens. Despite being a small machine, they have managed to squeeze in a dual monitor display to this well [...]
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    Earlier this year a Japanese web site came out called Bijin Tokei, Beautiful Girls clock, which introduced a different cute girl for every minute of the day in clock format. It was blogged about by a number of people at the time. This [...]
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    I bought these stamps of Rakuten, Japan’s online auction site. Dick Bruna’s work, particularly with the Miffy character, are still very popular in Japan. Japan Post often puts out commemorative stamps with opular characters [...]
  • Most users of Japanese cell phones (keitai’s), have a strap on their phone. I think the original idea was so you could hold the strap in case you dropped the phone, or have a longer strap that might go round your neck. Nowadays, [...]
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    Mr Natsuno (夏野さん) is well known in Japan as the creator of Docomo’s Imode platform for their cell phones. I had the chance to go to a speech yesterday at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (FCCJ) and hear him talk about his [...]
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    I am just checking out the Shibuya area twitter map which shows those people who are tweeting locally with a GPS enabled device. As more people use applications requiring GPS, this map will start to fill up with thousands of tweets. It [...]
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    Docomo has released a wooden case mobile phone made from trees that are part of the more trees project that musician Sakamoto Ruyichi helped to form. The two mobile phone brands shown here are Olympus and Sharp. It sounds a bit like a [...]
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    Had some major site traffic over the last 2 days thanks to everyone for checking out the Gundam Wedding Photos. Much appreciate all of you who have re-tweeted, emailed to friends, stumbled the photos and various other social networking [...]
  • UQ WiMAX is a relatively new service that is offering high speed wireless broadband to areas around Japan. Currently the service is limited to major metropolitan areas such as Tokyo, Osaka but it is increasing its coverage and aims to [...]
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    There have a been some large earthquakes in Japan recently to go with the hundreds of years of earthquake activity Japan has experienced. In 1923 when the Great Kanto Earthquake hit Tokyo, the people didn’t have internet and [...]
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    The ads are starting to come out at the train stations for the new NTT docomo Google Android phone. This ad at Shibuya station says “ケータイするGoogle”, A hand held Google. NTT docomo are battling it out against Softbank who are [...]
  • Social Networking in Japan Whilst there are many popular social networking sites in Japan, including Mixi, GREE, Ameba, Livedoor and more, one site from overseas that is starting to create some interest in Japan is Twitter. Twitter [...]
  • Most visitors to Japan have probably tried out Karaoke at some time, whilst those living abroad either have a local version of it or have at least heard of it. It is one of Japan’s great export ideas. The home Karaoke boom never [...]
  • This months issue of 日経TRENDY magazine, June, 2009 (yes, the magazines always seem to come out about 2-3 weeks before the actual month), carries a very interesting article on Twitter, blogging and SNS. It compares the contrasting [...]
  • Update: Just discovered this wasn’t new, but has actually been going on for 1 year. I saw it today and thought it had just started. Thanks to @serkantoto for pointing this out. It is interesting to note that a year has gone by [...]
  • There are a lot of services on the web for making photo books, although many of them cost more to ship from the US back to Japan than the actual making of the book. I thought it might be useful to have a look at a book making service [...]
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    Takara Tomy earlier this year released a new line of miniature walking robots called ROBO-Q. They are billed as the world’s smallest consumer robot standing at 3.5 cm tall. The robot is slightly bigger than a 100 Yen coin or about the [...]
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    Omron have brought out a set of digital scales that not only measure your weight and body fitness but also allow you to capture that data on your mobile phone and chart your data. The product is called BI-LINK for mobiles. It is [...]
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    I have obviously had internet access at home for some time now, but tonight I feel as if the internet has arrived at my home for the first time. I bought a Panasonic Blue-ray DVD player, not because I bought into the blue-ray hype, but [...]
  • It is just a spec at the moment and pricing will certainly be a watchpoint, but the SDXC Association has announced they will be able to offer a 2 Terabyte smart memory card shortly. According to the Association: A 2 TB SDXC memory card [...]
  • A balanced diet is the base of a good lifestyle. In Japan many television programs focus on food and cooking, explaining the benefits of different food groups and explaining healthy cooking tips. For those that live in big cities [...]
  • Having initially posted about this machine I bought, I see a lot of people searching for information about Sharp’s Ion plasmacluster and thought it would be useful to add some more information about this. Original Post The [...]
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